A pneumatic saw, universal pipe trolley kit, and circumferential track mount system that are ideal for cutting concrete-lined pipe perfectly square are available from ESCO Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

The MILLHOG® APS-438 Air Powered Saw features a fiberglass reinforced blade for cutting concrete-lined steam pipe and leaves a perfectly square cut for subsequent welding or to assure a flush fit for couplings. The saw mounts on a trolley that has four V-grooved steel wheels and glides along a rugged steel WrapTrack® System which can be sized to fit pipe from 6” to 60” dia.

Attaching to the pipe’s circumference, the WrapTrack® System incorporates steel bands that correspond to the outside diameter of the pipe and the saw mounts rigidly on the trolley, resulting in accurate cuts to within 1/8”. This saw is also well suited for cutting stainless steels, Inconel®, and other highly allowed pipe without leaving a heat affected zone (HAZ).