A pipe beveling tool for performing precision end preps on pipe up to 24″ O.D. and producing perfectly square end preps to assure high integrity
welded joints is available from Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts. The Dictator II MILLHOG® Pipe Beveler is an I.D. clamping welding end prep tool that aligns perfectly using self-centering clamps and performs any degree of bevel on pipe from 4.5″ I.D. to 24″ O.D. with up to a 2″ wall.

Superior to hand grinding and other end prep methods, this tool includes a patented safety spring hanger for easy handling, positioning, and clamping. Featuring one mandrel and a set of three wide clamps that provide six points of contact to the pipe I.D., the Dictator II MILLHOG® Pipe Beveler mounts rigidly for chatter-free beveling, facing, and boring.

Requiring no cutting oils, this pipe beveling machine is suitable for use on-site and in fabrication shops. Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric power are available.

The Dictator II MILLHOG® Pipe Beveler is available for sale and rent.

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