Cohog Split Frame Beveling Machine with Anti-Deformation ShoesA split frame machine that features a line of new anti-deformation rounding pads to protect high-purity thin-wall tubing in food and pharmaceutical process applications has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, MA.

The Esco COHOG® Split Frame Machine has a robust stationary ring machined from 7075 aluminum alloy that is hard coated and supports a custom steel forged, heat-treated, and nickel-plated rotating ring using precision tuned eccentric bearings. Featuring new anti-deformation rounding pads to prevent thin-wall pipe and tubing from being crushed, this clamshell style machine is ideally suited for use in food and pharmaceutical process applications.

Easy to set-up using indexable tooling that squares itself to the tube O.D. with the anti-deformation pads attached, the Esco COHOG ® Split Frame Machine incorporates a one-piece module that mounts to the tool slide and holds a pre-angled bit of 30, 37-1/2 degree or custom angles. Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric motors are offered, and most of the cutting inserts have multiple cutting edges for long life and are simple to replace.

The Esco COHOG® Split Frame Machine is available for sale or rent.

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