Mini Millhog Pipe Beveling ToolAn air-powered portable pipe machining tool that is lightweight and easy to handle by one person for preparing a wide range of different size piping systems for welding has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, MA.

The Esco Mini-MILLHOG® is a portable pneumatic I.D. clamping tube and pipe beveling tool for machining tube and pipe from 1.25″ I.D. to 6.625″ O.D. that is self-centering with one mandrel covering the majority of the range.

Featuring a working weight of 27.5 lbs., this high torque tool is easy to handle and provides smooth chatter-free operation on highly alloyed stainless steel and heavy wall pipe without using cutting fluids.

Capable of producing any angle of prep, the Esco M1n1-MILLHOG is a robust tool with all clamping components including the draw rod heat treated to assure the strength required to rigidly secure the tool on the I.D. of the tube or pipe. Also available with an electric motor, this versatile tool can remove tube weld overlay and membrane cladding in boiler systems.

The Esco Mini-MILLHOG® I.D. Clamping End Prep Tool is available for rent or purchase.

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