A full line of cutter blades featuring two cutting edges that insert into cartridge holders for use with their MILLHOG® line of welding end prep tools is being introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

The MILLHOG® Razorback Cartridge Series consists of blade inserts that mount with a set-screw into a cartridge holder and feature two cutting edges which are easy to flip over; providing a fresh cutting surface. Standard blade inserts fit into the cartridges which include 30º, 37-1/2º and 10º bevels and a 90º flat facing type.

Made from T-15 tool steel and TiN coated, the MILLHOG® Razorback Cartridge Series cutter blades can pull a thick chip without cutting oils. Hard lube blades are also offered for highly alloyed materials. This cartridge series is ideally suited for use with the Wart®, Mini®, Prepzilla®, Commander®, Dictator®, Dictator II® and Terminator® MILLHOGS.

MILLHOG® Razorback Cartridge Series blades are priced from $38.00 and the holders are $45.00. Literature and pricing are available on request.

For more information contact:

Esco Tool
A Unit of Esco Technologies, Inc.
Matthew Brennan, Marketing Director
75 October Hill Rd.
Holliston, MA 01746
(800) 343-6926 FAX (508) 359-4145